Shakespeare questions and answers.

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Shakespeare Questions

1. What are the principal sources of our knowledge of his life?

There are a lot written about him, since there are too much different facts, we don't know which is correct.

2. What is known of Shakespeare father? His mother?

his fathers name was John Shakespeare. He was a glove maker a shop keeper and a bailiff.

3. Mention the dates and places of Shakespeare's birth and death.

he died in Stratford on April 23 1616 and was born on April 23 1564

4. What schooling did Shakespeare properly have?

He went to Stratford.

5. Give an account of Shakespeare's marriage. Tell about his children.

on Nov. 27 , 1582 he married Anne Hathaway. They had three children: Susanna, the oldest daughter, and two twin sons, Hamlet and Judith.

6.Mention three possible reasons why Shakespeare left Stratford.

he wanted to start his work in theater.

7. Recount the legend of Shakespeare's "poaching"

Shakespeare poached a deer from Sir Thomas Lucy.

8. Recount what is known of Shakespeare's career as an actor.

the people recognized him as an actor in 1592. He was an actor from 1582 to 1605.

9. What were the sources of Shakespeare's income and the estimated amounts?

He was paid for making plays and for acting. His income was estimated to be around 200.

10. What evidence is there that Shakespeare was considered a wealthy man in his time?

he owned a very huge house for him and his family.

11. Give an account of his retirement.

he retired in around 1611 to 1613. He retired in Stratford and had a new house.

12. Tell what is known of his death and burial.

He died on his 52 birthday on April 23 1616 in the Church of Holy Trinity in Stratford.

13. Write the inscription engraved on Shakespeare's tomb. What is its significance?

" Dear friends, for Jesus sake or bare to dig the dust and close it here. Bless thee he who spare these bones, but curse thee who move my bones." its significance was that it was Shakespeare's words.

14. Tell where the first London theaters were located and give reasons for their location.

It was located outside of London and it was located there because they didn't want to spread a plague and to be safe from the Puritan's attacks.

15.Describe the condition under which plays were given before the building of theaters.

the plays were played in the yards of inn's or in other small buildings.

16. Give a description of a typical Elizabethan theater.

it was shaped like a hexagon. The center had a courtyard.

17. What uses were made of the inner stage?

For scenes that needed to be setting before the play started.

18. What uses were made of the balcony over the stage?

for the people with money. They can see more and were able to sit away from the groundlings.

19. What passages in Shakespeare's plays indicate that women's part were played by boys.

20. What, in an Elizabethan drama, frequently took the place of scenery?

the fancy costumes and props that made the story come alive.

21. Discuss briefly the costumes of a play on the Elizabethan stage.

Rich people donated the fancy costumes because they didn't where their clothes any more than two times.

22.Give an account of the burning of the Globe Theater.

when the king entered the Globe Theater, there was a cannon that sounded off to show the king was there. There was a spark and the roof caught fire.

23. Shakespeare was the author of what non-dramatic literature?

Venus and Adonis and the Rape of Lucrece.

24. Give a thorough account of the quarto and folio editions of Shakespeare's work?

there were eighteen quartos all together but they were first published as pamphlets. It wasn't until seven years after he died that his plays were published. There were thirty six plays in the folio

25. Who were the groundlings? Other name?

People who paid only a penny and stood through the play. Their other name was Penny Scrapers.

26. What did a green, white, black and no flag flying mean?


White- comedy


No flag- no play

27. What disease swept London and where did it come from?

The Black plague struck London and it came from the trading ships.