Shakespeare (macbeth) Oral Assessment En2/Literature-this is my evaluation on what i did it the first few paragraphs is what i kind of mentioned when i had to stand up in front of me class!!!

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Shall I or shan't I is the question I used to start off my presentation which is what Macbeth thinks in his soliloquy in act 1 scene 5 which was followed by a little introduction about Macbeth and how he was ambitious in life. Continued from that I gave an outline of act 1 scene 5, which was the main part of the play I had focused on.

"Un sex me" and "Come to my woman's breasts and take my milk" are two examples of the quotes I had merged into my presentation to support what I was talking about, which was the theme of evilness. To add to this I gave an opinion on what I thought William Shakespeare was trying to put across to his audience, this being that evil can change human feelings and resort to doing things which you are persuaded into doing, for example Lady Macbeth persuading Macbeth to kill king Duncan, I believe she did this out of pure evilness.

Symbolism, shown itself in many different forms such as nature, the characters such as the witches and the angels from heaven. All of these symbols were mentioned in my presentation as well as referring to the religious time back then when they all believed in hell and heaven.

The structure in which I had presented it in was different from the others were as I had jumped back and forth to explain my thoughts and to give a quick review of the play. I would talk about a character then move onto a theme and then the symbol which might have been used for that theme and then my thoughts on it.

The working process towards my presentation was quite difficult to start off with but by reading the book, making notes and retrieving...