Sex - The Pros & Cons

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As we all may know, sex is another word for intimacy. Some find it enjoyable, yet others find it painful. There are many Pros and Cons to having sex.

PROS:Sex is an enjoyable experience. Women and men use it to find pleasure in their lives. It allows couples to be closer to each other physically. Sex also gives life. In order to have a baby, you must have sex (or skip it all and adopt). Babies are a joy to life and the average American household...although sometimes they can get pretty annoying.

CONS:Sex can be painful to some people. Some women who are pregnat (or just had a baby) have had bad experiences with sex. It becomes painful to the back, stomach and to the muscles all over your body. You can also get diseases from having sex. If your not practicing safe sex, your more likely to get a disease.

But although you may use condoms, your not FULLY protected from HIV, AIDS, or Mono (The Kissing Disease). Those are just some of the many diseases you could get from having unsafe intercourse. Sex can also get out of hand. Bars, magazines, and websites have taken it too far. They have statistically increased the desire to have sex. And for youngsters and teenagers...that's a really bad thing to do. If teens or young children get pregnant, they might as well just quit school and become a stay- at- home mother. It takes away from the child's educational learning ability and as they get older, they are less likely to get jobs. Their kids would be even made fun of for being 7 while their mom was only 19. Sex can become unbearable though. Co-workers, preachers, and even army/navy/boot camp instructors have been reported for sexual abuse among...