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As humans we have a tendency to corrupt the simplest things in life because we are too curious, and if we don’t like the answer we receive to our questions we tend to get mad and destroy that around us.

Here are some things that have made me wonder, countless, I have found myself on those restless nights looking at the dots on the ceiling as these wonders came into my mind my seven wonders are as followed:Why the ocean and the seawaters don’t mix together ever, why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore, the intelligence of geese and other birds to fly south when it starts to get cold, how does a baby know which women is his mother right away, why do people say tomorrow when in reality tomorrow never comes, how does our mind work, like what makes you make the choices we make, and finally my seventh wonder; why when someone dies they are called the ”late Johnny”, when really death is the only thing that ever comes on times, not a second early or late.!I

will explain to you three of the above wonders that have intrigued me the most. Number one, why don’t the ocean and the seawaters mix together ever, I mean what makes them turn around and not mix with each other, had they mixed would the waters become toxic to us? My second wonder is; why isn’t Pluto a planet anymore I mean in elementary school we were taught this little rhyme to help us remember the 9 planets it went like this,My Very Excellent Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas. It doesn’t seem right that there are 8 planets it seems as if the universe is off balance now and we could tip over at any times notice. My third wonder...