This is the Sequence of Events for the Book "Alas, Babylon"

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1. Florence Wecheck saw a news telecast saying Russians sent up another Putnik, and there is crisis in the Middle East.

2. Randy recieves a telegram telling him to meet at a local Air Force base at noon, but it concludes with "Alas Babylon." That is a family signal.

3. Florence tells Alice about the telegram and they look it up in the bible. It means destruction of a great city.

4. Mark tells Randy, the Russians are trying to take over the Mediteranian and they will use Nukes.

5. Randy cashes $5,000 check and buys some stuff at the supermarket.

6. Helen Bragg takes a plane to Orlando with her kids to meet Randy. American pilot shoots at a Soviet and misses and hits a harbor in Syria, a Soviet allie.

7. Helen Bragg arrives and Randy drives them to Fort Repose, and the Soviets had fired 4 missles at the US, war's begun.

8. 3 nukes hit three cities, Miami, Tampa Bay, and the Homestead Base.

9. Quisenberry tries to send a message to Jacksonville. Right when it gets there a nuke hits the city and closes the bank.

10. Washington was hit and a new President is in charge. Many other large cities have been hit too.

11. Washington has been destroyed and the US is now led by Josephine Vanbrunker Brown, the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.

12. Randy goes to Adirmiral Hazzard's and he listens to his ham radio. Orlando is hit with a missile and lights go out at Fort Repose.

13. Randy runs a pipe out to a nearby grove to ensure clean water for Fort Repose. He also buys ten pounds of salt, so the meat can be salted.

14. Hanry family hears a radio announcement saying Omaha...