Security, Confidentiality and International Issues in Real Estate

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All businesses have to guarantee some sort of security and confidentiality to their clients as well as for their staff. E-Business security and confidentiality mean more than if the business was in a brick and mortar building. There needs to be secure websites for the client to transmit information to the business and the client needs to feel confident that the business will not sell their confidential information or lose it somewhere in their database. When dealing with real estate there are also legal and regulatory issues to deal with when dealing with the public in person and over the internet. This paper is going to look at security, confidentiality and international issues with real estate in the e-business atmosphere.

LegalAny real estate company is aware of the seriousness of this industry, since it deals with many laws that effect people greatly in their personal lives. Law suits are very common in the real estate industry when clients are not satisfied with how the process was handled and problems have resulted from the real estate transaction after the transaction was closed.

The best shield any real estate company has against law suits and also a way to ensure that they are abiding by all the real estate laws is disclosing all pertinent information and having clients sign paperwork to document the information is being disclosed to them. The legal process is overseen by title companies so they make sure that all of the necessary issues for the property to trade hands are fulfilled but they need to ensure that the smaller issues which clients can later come back and sue for are being covered. In real estate it is always better to disclose too much information rather than not enough; because a law suit can be a very serious thing...