Secular Ethics-Why they are more practical in today's society than Religious Ethics. (a persuasive essay)

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Secular Ethics

Why they serve a more practical purpose than Religious Ethics

Secular Ethics are the different morals and ethics followed by the Secular world. These rules/ethics are most often disregarded by the religious world and are accredited as "evil." However, Secular Ethics serve a great purpose in today's society. Without them, the world would be full of chaos and uncivilization. Secular Ethics are the laws included in our government and also include the different social consequences/rewards for those who disobey/abide them. They are the driving force behind the Secular population to make the world a better place, and essentially, to make everyone happy so that they may move on to a better society.

Secular Ethics have the ability to be carried out by those in the entire human race and are not limited to a certain group or religion. Consequences and rewards are bestowed immediately upon those who deserve it instead of waiting until an undetermined time of superior judgment.

They apply to American (and other civilized countries) Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Agnostics and other different faiths (or lack there of). They help to keep the people in their place without placing a greater faith upon them than is necessary. If a man murders, the murderer is punished according to what the law says. This is not a religious law, but rather a law that has been created by a group of men for the greater good. A normal man is not likely to harm others in fear of rejection or persecution because of the followers of Secular Ethics. Secular Ethics are in essence, human nature defined by law. Without them, man would have no reason to do the right thing; and those who do have no reason to do the right thing are put into proper confinement or...