"Second Sight" by Sinclair Smith.

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Second Sight

Second Sight was written by Sinclair Smith. I chose this book because it is a Point Horror and I've read some books from the series before. The book has also got a cover that looks mysterious and stands out from the rest.

The book is not like I expected it to be, it's much more exciting, realistic and mysterious. The intended audience are about 13 to 17 year olds who love horror stories.

Grayson was staying with her sister Kara because the hospital in which Grayson needed her cornea transplants was closer than where Grayson was living before. After the second operation Grayson started having visions of a murder. Since her doctor didn't believe her she decided to go to the police. She was told to go and speak to detective Frank Soames; he had worked closely with physics before. Earlier that day Grayson had managed to find out that her donor was Aileen Mills, this name meant nothing to her but she mentioned it to Soames anyway and as soon as she had said it the big smile across he face disappeared.

She wondered what was wrong and he said that Aileen Mills worked with him, she was a physic who had visions of murders, and she had passed away only a few weeks ago. Some how Grayson had tapped into Aileen's physic ability. Soon she realised that the vision was of three murders rather than one. Grayson was getting paranoid and had thought that Kara, her boyfriend Jared or even detective Soames could be the murder. The first murder had already happened but she was sure that she could stop the other two. The first murder was of Zeke Stuart a local millionaire, the second a watchman of a local warehouse and...