Searching for the right horse

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Searching for the right horse

When a rider who knows very little about horses, also known as a "green" rider, searches for his first horse there are two qualities he needs to look for. The green rider needs a horse that is both calm and fully trained. If the right horse isn't selected, both the rider and the horse will be dissatisfied.

First of all, the beginner needs a horse that will remain calm if startled. For instance, if something were too startle the horse such as a deer darting across the road, a horse that is not calm may buck rear up, or furiously jump out of the way sending the rider flying into the air. The inexperienced rider will not know how to handle this reaction and may yank the reins or tense up and squeeze the horse's sides only causing the situation to worsen. Therefore, a green rider needs a calm horse.

This trait also relates to another very important trait an inexperienced rider should look for which is a horse that is fully trained.

A fully trained horse is very important for an inexperienced rider. For an example, if the rider were to kick the horse in an area called the "flank", the horse's side located between the ribs and hip, a green horse will begin to buck constantly. The rider who is not familiar with this reaction from the horse may make a common mistake which is to yank back on the reins. This reaction will cause the horse to rear up in attempt to relieve the extreme pressure from the bit. Although, a fully trained horse may do the same, it is not as likely for such to happen. As a result, the beginner needs a fully trained horse.

Both of these examples support the argument that a green rider needs both a calm and fully trained horse. That way both the horse and the rider will be satisfied.