Searching Into the Past

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Odd, is it not? When one is told to expand your horizons, you never think further beyond a few thousand miles or across an ocean. You certainly never think to travel back in time and discover things there. As a moderately successful anthropological expert, the life of David Thompson revolved around museums, libraries, and dig sites. "Be honest with yourself, David," he thought. "The discovery of Stargate has changed the lives of everyone it touched, and the idea that you could travel back in time..." the thoughts spun around in his head. I wonder what sort of mission we're going on this time, wondered David. David's science research team had been called to a meeting that afternoon to be assigned a new project, and he hadn't the slightest idea what it would be. "Could it be a journey to the past?" he thought. Although uncertain about what exactly they would be assigned to do, David had a feeling that it was going to be like nothing the crew had ever encountered before.


"Thompson," David heard General Jack Kauffman call from the hallway by his quarters as the rest of the team waited for him to finish recording his field notes. As usual, he was running behind, making everyone else late for their next briefing. Through the door he saw James Carter adjust his uniform lapels, and Cliff O'Neil shuffle his feet. David quickly stuffed his pen and journal into his jacket pocket, and went to join them.

"Glad you could make it," Carter remarked over his shoulder.

"Sorry," mumbled David as they headed for the conference room.

"Say, who's this person intel's sent over for the new project?" asked Carter.

"I'm not sure. I heard a rumor that she's either a university professor or a museum curator," replied...