How a screan device could be used for the book The Glass Menagerie

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Kate Brauer's review of the Middletown's Rising Phoenix Theatre Companys' rendition of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee William spoke of great detail about how the use of screen device could advance the understanding of the novel. But more then understanding the novel the screen devices used in director's, Theresa Abshear, production added depth and layers to the once flat characters. Brauer applauds the use of the screen device and says, "the most successful of her unusual choices is the decision to use the screen device Williams mentioned in his original script. Abshear uses a television screen over the acting space to periodically present images representative of the characters' deeper thoughts and memories". The uses of visual effects in The Glass Menagerie are extremely detailed in a way which allows for a throughouh understanding of the characters and props. They emphasize and complement the text at that point in the play.

This, in turn increases the reader's comprehension of the play. Frequently during the play the screen device is used. The screen device is used to promote and stress effectively Tennessee Williams' themes and ideas in the play. It allows the reader to understand the delicacy and fragileness that is shared by both Laura and her glass ornaments, which is the central theme of the novel. The use of screen device betters the novel and is positive when used correctly like it is in The Glass Menagerie.

Screen devices (6):

a. p. 16 When Willy talks about Biff and all the accolades he got in the past and how its amazing he's at where he is even though the past looked to great. Picture of Willy winning most popular in his graduation year book

b. p. 21 When Biff complains about his father's ability to mock him all the time.