The Saviour

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The Saviour

Lizzie's feet were pounding on the gravel; the rain was streaming down her face and soaked her through. She looked behind her with tears running down her face.

"Help me, please somebody help me!" she screamed in frustration.

Suddenly her foot hit a muddy patch and slipped. She went sliding down the hill wailing in pain. Then it all stopped, Lizzie lay at the bottom in a pool of blood. Slowly her lips moved and a whisper came out.

"Please help me, save me from all this."

Then all went black and she was gone.

Chapter 1

Toni woke up with sweat streaming down her face and screaming. It had happened again. She hated it when it did happen because it scared her so much. You see, Toni had what her mum called a 'gift'. She could see people who were in trouble before they were - she had 'visions' as such.

Her mum said it was a 'privilege' and it was her duty to help those that she saw. Even still, like usual, she wanted to curse the world. It just wasn't fair telling her that she had to help people, and all she would get was ridiculed at the end of things.

Slowly rubbing her eyes, Toni got out of bed and headed down to the kitchen. Shaking, she pulled down a glass from the cupboard and filled it with ice-cold water. Gulping it hungrily, she finished it within a few seconds. A light came on behind her, Toni instantly became aware that she wasn't alone and became tense. She had been so quiet; she couldn't have woken anyone up, could she?

Gradually she began to turn around, adjusting her eyes to the light she looked at the figure standing in the doorway.

"Toni honey, did...