Saving Private Ryan-"A Glimpse of War"

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Nathan Behrmann

History 102

Movie Review

A Glimpse of War

For my Movie review I choose Saving Private Ryan. This movie gives a truthful and sometimes shocking look into the life of soldiers during WWII or any war for that matter. It follows a group of battle hardened soldiers on a mission to bring home the last of 4 brothers who went to war. Along with providing an in depth look at the individual lives of the soldiers it also gives an excellent view of the entire war effort. This movie brilliantly displays the trials, horrors, and brotherhood of war.

Saving Private Ryan is both moving and informative. The movies portrayal of the after effects of war on the human psyche is awe inspiring. It shows the pain and hardships endured by individuals and how they bravely marched onward. How they sometimes cracked under pressure and yet still somehow managed to do their duty.

The atrocities of war are portrayed but also the reasons behind them. How POW's might be shot but how they were shot by men who just saw ten of their closest friends mowed down mercilessly by the machine gun nest they were just occupying. The moving portrayal of what these men went through will provoke thought and inspire respect for all they do and have done.

Saving Private Ryan opens with 3 of 4 brothers who went to war being killed. Their mother receives the letters of the death of all 3 on the same day. The military brass decide that no mother should have to lose all of her children to war and decide to send out a rescue squad to bring the last surviving brother home. The captain, played by Tom Hanks, assembles a team of his best men and sets out...