A sample resume for someone in the military moving into the civilian workforce.

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John Doe


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After twelve years in the U.S. Army, I have developed a unique set of leadership and management skills that are critical to success in today's economy. These skills have led to my high level of skills in cross-functional team building and leadership, crisis management, multi-cultural communications, change management, organization development and quality/performance improvement.

EDUCATION:University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

BACHELOR OF SCIENCE DEGREE, Business Management, 2003, cumulative GPA of 3.90

*Advanced Noncommissioned Officer School, city, state

Advanced Leadership, Management & Problem Solving Analysis of teams of 30 to 50, 2000

*Basic Noncommissioned Officer School, city, state

Effective Leadership, Management, Counseling and Administrative Procedures of teams of 15 to 30, 1995

*Civil Affairs Course , city, state

Liaison between Military and Civilian Organizations during Humanitarian Assistance, Cross-Cultural

Negotiations, and Public Affairs issues, 2001

*Information Security Management Training Seminars, city, state

Information and systems security and operations at the Division level, 2002


Sergeant First Class, Infantry, United States Army

*U.S. Army Civil Affairs Course (Division Level [14,000-person] Civil Military Operations)

*U.S. Army Air Movement Control School (AMC Officer in an 82nd Airborne Infantry Company)

*U.S. Army Airborne (Parachute), Pathfinder (Advisory services to military aircraft)

*U.S. Army Information Management Officer, Information Systems Security Officer

Jan 01-Present

*Division Civil Military Operations Noncommissioned Officer city, state

Noncommissioned Officer in charge of a Division level (14,000-person) Civil Military Operations Office responsible for direct liaison between the Commanding General and local Civilian Authority.

*Managed and automated the Civil Military Operations Office on a Division installation.

*Responsible for liaison with civilian populous, dislocated civilians, and host nation resources.

*Built and maintained an Office sub network and operational database to increase efficiency.

Jul 98-Jan 01Senior Observer Controller city, state

Responsible for coaching, teaching, analyzing, and providing guidance to Airborne...