Saddam Hussein (abused or abuser) His Rise To Power.

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Saddam Hussein (abused or abuser) His Rise To Power

Have you or anyone you know ever been a victim of mental, physical, or sexual abuse? If so I'm sure you are familiar with the psychological damage such issues create.

I know this subject will be a touchy area for a lot of people. It affects us politically, hurts us mentally, and spurs us to take some form of physical action. The concept that I want to present you with today is not offered as an excuse, a justifiable reason, or even an acceptable explanation. It is meant strictly to help you understand what exactly it is we are up against.

I would like to talk to everybody today about a person who is at this moment perceived to be public enemy number one. It is my contention that this person is not so different than any one of us. With a different kind of upbringing, we could have turned out to be the same type of person, with the same type of personality, and done some of the same horrendous things that this man has done.

The man that I speak of is Saddam Hussein, and it is my personal belief that the

mental, physical, and emotional abuse he suffered as a child is the driving force behind his obsessive political career and violent behavior.

I have recently had the opportunity to research and study Saddams childhood and his political rise to power, and due to some of my own personal experiences and my path of self enlightenment it occurred to me that the two are directly linked and fuel one another. I turned in a report on this same issue in another class, but today I would like to present it to you verbally in a little stronger form.