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From March 1975 - December 2003, Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq. While in power he has done many cruel things to people. He has killed innocent people and also tried to kill off some entire races. Saddam has even killed some of his own family members.

Between March 1975 - December 2003 Saddam Ruled over Iraq and its people. He has killed many people and he has also tried to exterminate entire races, and take over there land! Saddam also wouldn't let the U.N check his weapons to see if they were legal.

Saddam as a Ruler:

Saddam was a cruel ruler. He killed many people and even tortured them. Saddam in 1956 joined the B.S.P (Baath Socialist Party), and in 1957 he applied to the military academy, and they denied him, so he joined the B.S.P. In 1958 Saddam married Sajida and later he killed his brother in law.

Saddam later became part of the assassination squad in the B.S.P in 1979 and then he tried to assassinate Gen. Abdel-Karim Kassam but in the attempt he was shot by the body guard in the leg, so he fled to Egypt. In 1960 "he was tried in absentia and sentenced to life in prison. The in 1964 he was arrested because he was charged with rebelling against the regime, he then escaped prison in 1967". Saddam went through a lot to become president of Iraq. Instead of doing good for people of his country he has done evil towards them.

Cruelty Towards people:

In July 1979 Saddam had arranged to have an assembly of Baath Leaders to clean out any of them that would oppose him. He ordered for them to be shot. From 1987-1988 Saddam launched the Anfal campaign against the Kurdish people. This was an act...