What's up with Chimps?

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What's up with Chimps?

Have you ever wondered about those furry mammals that "monkey around" on television? Just what are they and how do they get to be so intelligent? They look like animals but act like humans! You guessed "chimpanzees" right? Good, you are correct. Read on to learn more interesting facts about these crazy creatures.

Where's My House?

Chimpanzees are native to Western Africa. They "hang out" in groups of one male, one or more females and many young. Chimpanzees mostly dwell in the rainforests. Their homes can be found in 21 different African countries.

Feeding Time!

Yuck! Would you ever think about ingesting a termite? Well, chimpanzees think of termites as a delicacy. They also like to devour bark from trees. Chimps are omnivores, eating also fruits, nuts, seeds, blossoms and leaves. Isn't that a freaky appetite? I myself don't see how they stand this delicious banquet, but it is a way of survival in the jungle for the chimpanzees.

Getting Around Good

When chimps are infants they hold on to their mother's fur and hang on to her for dear life. Then when they become older they ride on her back like a saddle man on a horse.

Chimps can swing from trees with their long arms and use their opposable thumbs to hold on tight. Chimps move on all four limbs, rarely standing upright, thus being called "knuckle walkers."

You Talkin' to Me?

Chimps communicate by their own "pant-hoots" or distinctive calls that can be identified with precision. They have an extremely loud call when they discover food to share. When they are young, chimps have breathy laughter and make several grunting sounds.

As you can see, chimpanzees are intelligent mammals that act like humans. Even though people may think they show stupidity,