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The people in rural Africa have many characteristics that make them unique. They do not live in the same area for a long period of time. Their culture and rituals are changing, but they still hold on to a few. Much of their life is centered around the cattle and goats that they raise. They are different than any other people.

The tribal Africans are very nomadic. Their grass is quickly eaten away and they can not feed their heard (Finley 6). They move with wet and dry seasons (Finley 6). They have to deal with the water absence, witch leaves them dehydrated (Finley 6). The harsh conditions and constant searching for food, water, and grass leaves them looking for other lands.

They are starting to change their rituals. They are developing new rituals (Finley 6.) It used to be often that they would drink blood from their animals however this is not a common ritual to perform anymore (Finley 6).

They still drink the blood of animals for manhood ceremonies. (Finley 6). They are becoming a different people.

Much of their culture relies on cattle. The cattle constantly needing grass to graze in they have to become nomads to satisfy the cow dependency (Line 1). They need the cattle for food and money (Line 1). They sell goats and cattle often (Line 1). The cattle is a large part of their food and money reserves.

The African culture is truly unique. Their inability to stay in one area effects their culture. Since modernization is effecting them and their rituals they are still changing. Cattle effect their food, money, and life immensely. With all the unstable living areas, changing cultures, and need for cattle, Africa is a truly amazing place.

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