Ronald reagan and his Presidency.

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Ronald Reagan was America's forty-fourth president in a time when the nation faced crucial foreign and domestic issues. He was an incomparible campaigner and an amazing speaker. Reagan was always focused on the values of work, family, patriotism, and self-reliance.

Ronald Reagan was a Republican and before his years as president, was the Governor of California. When it came time for the electoral votes Reagan won by a landslide with the largest amount in history.

Reagan was a very athletic man and worked for what he has. For instance, he got caught up in many fights just to get on the rugby team. All of these characteristics show in his presidency as well.

He also had confidence like no other. He gained this mainly from his acting career which pushed him to great limits. This is why he always strived to get what America needed when he was presidnet.

In the year of 1986 on January 28, in front of a live audience a space shuttle called Challenger blew up just moments after it's take off.

The American nation was in disbelief after coming to know all seven crew members so well. Ronald Reagan took a stand with an unbelievable speech that would relate to all. A man named Tip O' Neill was Reagan's political advisor at the time, and after the speech he described those few minutes as "Reagan at his best" His few words meant so much to so many people.

Ronald Reagan was a man that always pursued "peace through stength" Throughout his two year term he managed to enhance relations with the Soviet Union. After numerous meetings with the Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, he discussed a treaty that would ahnilate intermediate range nuclear missiles. All together Reagan's years in office saw a growth of prosperity,