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This incident is similar to when Romeo hears his friends making fun of him for loving Rosaline.

It was about two years ago, when l was picked on by the other kids for being the plumpest student in our class. They all made fun of me and called me names like “Fat Albert, pants-anator, and the button-nator” and other common names….

This entire name calling happened during one day at school during lunch. After bending down to get my lunch bag, my pant’s button fell off! I was humiliated like no-other moment in my life! I felt so disgraced, that l left school and went home for the rest of the day. I didn’t go to school for one week! As the homework piled up, l stayed home thinking about what happened, and how they will all make fun of me when l go back to school.

After one week l finally went to school. And as l assumed, l got picked on and called names, by every one and l mean every one, from the cool kids to the nerds.

The subject of being overweight hurt me a lot, but as I began to think about it, I realized that I wasn't overweight, I was merely just bigger than the rest of the kids. It didn't seem to bother my close friends that I was larger than them, so I realized that it shouldn't bother me, either.

They stopped picking on me, after they saw that l always ignored them and that it didn’t bother me anymore. I was larger than most of my friends in the seventh grade, and for it, I still got teased sometimes.

The priceless lesson l learned from this situation, is In order for people to stop teasing you, you need to believe in yourself. If the people who are teasing you see that it doesn't bother you, then they will probably stop. No matter what anyone says, you should brush that trash a side and stand back up!