Romeo and Juliet.

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When I look at the movie version of Romeo and Juliet by Luhrman, in comparison to the original text, lots of comparisons and comments come to my mind. The question that I want to answer is," Is The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet Fate or Fortune?" I mean, was this all of God's Will, or was it that Romeo came upon a string of bad luck? Different people have different opinions about was it fate or fortune. I said that it was a little bit of both. However, my feelings are more strongly directed to fate. In the text, it appeared to me that they were devout in their religious faith, seeing as though the Friar was their confidant and religious mentor. However, in comparison to the Luhrman film, the Friar as well as the nurse seemed as if they didn't really didn't care. Now everything happens for a reason and if this is God's will then you have to live with it.

On the other hand, one could argue that it was fortune that allowed Romeo to come across a string of bad luck. It is all about what you think.

In act III, i, 134 when Romeo states that he is fortune's fool, I think that he was saying that because of all of the bad things that just happened to him. First, he got the blood of his enemy on him. Then, he is exiled out of Verona. Things really weren't going his way. The year of the time in which the story takes place is about 1568. So, being exiled was worse than death at that time. The book really took emphasis on Romeo's strong feelings of how he didn't want to be exiled. He said that he would rather face death than be...