Romeo and Juliet.

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Romeo and Juliet ~ a comparison

Romeo and Juliet is a well known play, which was written by William Shakespeare in 1594. Different actors have performed this play through-out the years and it has been adapted in many different ways. When comparing the narrative elements of the most recent Romeo and Juliet film, directed by Baz Luhrmann, to the original play, written by William Shakespeare, there are many similarities and differences to be noted.

The first narrative element to be compared is the setting. The film and play's settings are similar yet different; Baz Luhrmann has taken the setting of the play and adapted it into present day. William Shakespeare set his play in Verona, Italy in the 1590's, while Baz Luhrmann set his film in Verona Beach, California in the 1990's. There are also many other visible differences in the setting in both the play and film.

In the play, the first scene (the fight) took place in a market place, Friar Lawrence's cell was in a paddock, the Capulets and Montagues both lived in castles and when Juliet was thought to be dead her body was placed in the tomb with her deceased ancestors. While the first scene of the film took place in a petrol station, Friar Lawrence's cell was in a greenhouse, both families lived in modern mansions and Juliet's body was placed in an open casket in the church. There are many similarities and differences in the setting of both the film and play, however, of equal importance it is to compare the characters.

Characters are one of the most important narrative elements to consider. There are many obvious differences with the characters and how they are portrayed. Baz Luhrmann has taken the characters from the play and made them modern, to make...