Romanticism Vs Reason

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During the eighteenth century a new way of thinking appeared, this was the time of romanticism. It an international artistic and philosophical movement, which redefines the fundamental ways in which people in the Western cultures, thought about themselves and about their world. This movement really started in 1770's and it continued in the second part of the nineteenth century. This age of Romantic ideas took place at the same period than the "age of revolution". Revolutions occurred in America in 1776 and in France in 1789. It was a period of upheaval in political, economic, and social traditions. The core of the Romantic Movement was a revolutionary energy.

In the early 19th, a new era of poets known as the 'Romantics'. Romanticism is always trying to recover from what has been lost. During the age of industrialisation, people only considered science or the "reason" important and the emotion need of human are forgotten.

With leaders such as William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the world of poetry bursted with what these poets considered as 'real emotions'. Their idea of poetry, in contrast to the previous neo-classic poets, allowed for the free flow of sentiment, which encouraged a response from the soul, not the brain. In their poems, the poets created vivid images using simple middle class language, with tasteful descriptions. Coleridge arose from the same time-period known as the Romantic era. He explored the lives of the middle or lower class people, and opened their eyes to the nature that was living around them. These Romantic poets also worked endlessly at creating a certain mood, or atmosphere that lingered through their poems. The context of Coleridge's poems can be interpreted as viewing nature as an equal with God, which can be seen through the two poems Kubla Khan, and...