Romantic Era

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Romantic Era

If we have seen in the eighteenth century, art was influenced by the rococo style. Through the paintings in rococo style, we can see the "fantasy world", the illusionism, the blurriness and unreal things. So when we look at the paintings, we forget everything is happening around us, and this is how people in France in eighteenth century "escaped from problems around them" And then in nineteenth century, everything was affected by romanticism, as in the book Culture and Values A Survey of the Humanities, Lawrence Cunningham described this century "romanticism, eventually dominated virtually every aspect of nineteenth century artistic achievement." (445)

In this century, there were some factors that created the romanticism as Lawrence Cunningham has mentioned "first was the important emphasis they placed on personal feelings and their expression." (445) This made the artists feel more freedom to paint so that they create more masterpieces. "second, emphasis on emotion rather than intellect led to the expression of subjective rather than objective visions: after all, the emotions known best are those we have experienced."

(445) Through the arts or paintings we can see the artist's hope, point of view or thought. "the third attitude of romanticism - its love of the fantastic and the exotic - which made it possible to probe more deeply into an individual's creative imagination." (445) and the fourth "characteristic of much Romantic art is a mystical attachment to the world of nature that was also the result of the search for new sensations." (445) The two last characteristics made the artists feel free to create the own world in the "exotic" land but in the natural way. And this is the big different point from rococo style, which has the arrangement of the artists. But in romanticism style, there was no calculation...