Roles that Religion plays during Jane Eyre Charllote Bronte- Jane Eyre

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Religion is having faith in god, prophet, and angels or anything like that. Now a days people don't have that much faith as people did in the old times. The old people used to do nothing except religion. It's a very discipline and good thing but some people take advantage of it and Jane Eyre gives us a perfect example of it.

Mr Brocklehurst visits Gateshead and has a talk with her on Mrs Reed saying. Mr Brocklehurst takes advantage of Jane because she was small at that time. He tries to scare her with religion. He tells her about where the wicked children will go, and talks about the hell. He thinks she will get scared by the flames in hell, which he tries to take advantage.

When Jane arrives at Lowood. He makes Jane stand on the stool and tells all of the girls that she is a liar without thinking about her feeling or her emotions.

This in Christianity is prohibited. When his daughters arrive at Lowood, they were very fashion conscious. There was a great difference between them. This was not fair with the girl in Lowood.

As on the other side Helen Burns. She was also religion but she was very different than Brocklehurst. When Jane tells her if she was in her position she would break those sticks under Scatcherd nose. She tells her that she is not cruel she dislikes her and the bible bids us return good for evil. When Jane and Helen are talking Jane says that she should hate those who dislike her. Helen says in reply that heathens and savage tribes hold that doctrine, but Christians and civilized nations disown it. About death she thought that after she dies she will go to heaven and be with god...