Roles and Responsibilities of the HR Department

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HR Roles 1

Human Resource Roles and Responsibilities

The human resources (HR) department is an area in the workplace that must be constantly changing with a changing culture. Changes in businesses and organizations are forcing the HR professionals to also change their roles and responsibilities. The five areas that are affecting HR with the greatest impact are technology, E-business, globalization, diversity and ethics.


Technological advances within today's business industries are forcing HR departments to look at their responsibilities and roles in different ways. According to the National Academy of Public Administration, "the increasing importance of technology has had an impact on how human resources programs and services are delivered in today's workplace" (NAPA, 2002, p. 5). Technology is making life easier for HR managers by providing more efficient ways of maintaining employee records and also with other ways of networking, training and benefit programs (Noe, et al. 2004). Advances in technology have also brought E-business which has also had a major affect on HR managers.


As technology advances it brings along changes such as E-Business that demand changes in the HR departments. The manner in which business transactions are completed changes on a regular basis due to the internet and improvements to technology. HR professionals should hire employees that can keep in stride with changing e-business needs. By using the internet, HR employees can simplify the process of registering other employees for their benefit selections as well as making other benefit changes. Some organizations have a human resource web page where employees and other interested parties can access company benefit information and other similar functions. Recruiting and training are two more valuable functions of E-business that HR representatives can utilize to simplify their responsibilities (Noe, et al. 2004). E-Business also makes globalization, another factor in the changing HR...