Robert Herrick.

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In 1591Robert Herrick was born in London, England where he became educated at an early age. Early in life he became part of a literary coterie and was something of a Propertius during these years. Later he received a small ecclesiastical living in Devonshire and gradually settled down to a peaceful country life. Herrick liked writing small poems instead of long poems. He never married and lived with a household of pets. Herrick would preach witty sermons which delighted the parish gentry and became very devoted to his village and its customs. During the civil war, Herrick supported the King and was ejected from his position during the Commonwealth. After the Restoration he got his job back again. At Totnes in 1674 Robert Herrick died at the age of eighty-four he. Not too much is known about Herrick because his work went out of fashion soon after his death.

To Herrick delight several critics discovered his work him about a hundred years later. It was not long before new editions of his Hesperides and Noble Numbers were published and eventually he became famous.

One of his poems that I took interest in was The Vision. This poem was about Herrick seeing a beautiful woman and wanted to love her. He describes her beautiful face and body. Everything about this woman attracted Herrick and he wanted so much to get with her, but the woman wouldn't let him to do so.

During this poem, Herrick was trying to tell us how he was never able to show love for a woman. This was the reason he never married and never experienced the joy of having a relationship with a woman. In my opinion, Herrick always wanted to show love to somebody, but he never was able to do so. That...