A Road Less Traveled.

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How does one define a "good" writing experience? To me, anything that gets the job done would be a good experience. Writing a letter, composing a story, or just a little note to say, "I love you," can all be successful ventures. Personally, I usually prefer the latter; however, in a lifetime, I feel the awful experiences are the ones that often stand out. Consequently, before I learned about the many benefits writing can bestow, I absorbed one very hard lesson. Perhaps the most embarrassing time of my life, and one that has remained with me until now and conceivably forever, was the spring of 1993, the year I was "academically" dismissed.

Sometime around the middle of April, I sat in a steamy classroom, still oblivious to the awful fate yet to come. (You wouldn't believe it, however for some reason Marvin Hall, at the University of Kansas, could have, for all intents and purposes, been the center of the sun, even in the middle of winter.)

There I was, half listening to the professor rant about some architect. Really, it didn't matter at the time. They all seemed the same, and, to be honest, I hadn't seen the inside of this man's classroom in over a month, and I assure you, he wasn't the kind of professor to take the class outside with some blankets to educate us on the intricacies of god, the natural architect. Oddly, my seemingly genetic aversion to attending class made it all too obvious to everyone else then (and everyone now) that my time at KU was to meet a sudden end. Sadly, to me it seemed natural. What more was there to life than a warm spring sun, the smell of freshly cut grass, and perhaps a little pyramid pizza after the...