Riordan Manufacturing Executive Summary

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Project Statement A proposal to improve the current inventory practices in the Riordan Manufacturing Plant facilities of San Jose, California, Albany, Georgia, Pontiac, Michigan and Hangzhou, China. Systems upgrades to each distribution site are necessary for Riordan Manufacturing to compete in the global market and increase profitability and market share.

Targeted Areas for Improvement: Inventory Management Currently, all four plants operate on independent inventory management systems. The objective of this project will be to improve our warehousing and distribution facilities in each plant by implementing a uniform system that can communicate between all facilities and increase efficiency.

Purpose of Project The main purpose of this project will be to implement unified systems to manage the existing distribution sites more efficiently by introducing technologies that will minimize costs and labor in all aspects of the global supply chain. This unified system will incorporate real time data from all locations to maximize productivity and increase traceability of inventory around the globe.

The ability to see our inventory status real time will allow us to increase or decrease manufacturing production based on current inventory levels and enhance the service to our customers by allowing us to move inventory from different locations to meet demand. The system will include technologies that will improve our current warehousing practices, such as bar code scanners, wireless pc systems and shipping tracking information software. These technologies will increase accuracy in our product receipt, storage and shipping processes, while reducing costs and paper waste.

Key Stakeholders Executive Management - Approve project research and implementation Information Technologies - Implement systems hardware and software, validation of system, system monitoring and support post implementation, train distribution managers on system use and features.

Distribution Managers/Team Leads - Train distribution and warehouse personnel to system procedures and processes, manage day to...