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12 December 2004

Short Response #5 Draft 3

In this summary the writer tries to express his credibility by talking about how stress causes you to be somewhat confused. The subjects seem to just jump around in his/her writing causing the piece to be some what confusing. Once the he/she then decides to try to motivate the audience by explaining how to deal with stress, either by music, or another relaxation method. Thus, causing the audience to think about the times that they may have been in a stressful situation and can now use the method that the writer had discussed about to try to help them out the next that they may be affected by stress.

Even though the explanation was a bit jumpy, it did answer all of my questions about stress. I had always wondered exactly how your body begins to feel and how it is caused on the way that it does, when you are feeling stress.

There aren't any questions that the writer left out that I would have for him or her. I believe that this was accurate for the writer not to put so much emphasize on symptoms of stress. Stress is pretty self explained at times, because people of all ages, color, and culture feel a form of stress at some time of their life. It was pretty important that the writer explained about how to reduce your stress since stress is a normal situation in life.