Review of Nazi propaganda movies.

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In the feature length produced during the Third Reich, the Nazis and especially their head of propaganda, Josef Goebbels used different techniques to get the German masses to buy into Nazi philosophies. Goebbels saw the mistakes made by early filmmakers who in trying to impress their new Nazi leaders made blatantly propagandistic films which were generally rejected by the public. Goebbels then came to the assumption that the best way to do propaganda is to worm its way into the self-conscientious of the audience. Goebbels thought the best way of doing this was by using historical examples that also relay general themes or ideas of the Nazi party. This idea is employed by the propaganda office in all movies that were displayed. Even in movies that used blatant propaganda it was still the most underlying forms and ideas that tell the most about the party and the situation in Germany.

By viewing these films one can see the overall state of affairs in Germany and also the generals beliefs the Nazi party holds that they are trying to pass on to the German public.

The Nazi party had some very successful feature films, but SA Man Brandt was not one of them. This film was rushed through production and was an aim at garnering recognition from the newly elected leaders of the country. The only redeeming value that comes form this movie is seen when the time it was released is considered. Since it was released in 1933, during the SA Reign of Terror, it attempts to justify the actions of SA men. It shows the SA as being attacked first and only retaliating to their attackers. Also, it shows an actual view into the sentiment of the German people at the time. With the setting in the...