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The Majestic

1. Peter Appleton (Jim Carrey) seems to have it all: a beautiful girlfriend, a house in Hollywood, a nice car, and a successful career, until he is included on the infamous Hollywood Blacklist. Soon everything seems to disappear. He loses his job as a scriptwriter, his girlfriend, and his success all at once. After a couple drinks Appleton decides to go for a car ride, loses control of his car, and drives off a bridge. He ends up washed ashore with a sudden case of amnesia. A stranger finds him, and brings him to town, where everyone mistakes him for being Luke Tremble, a soldier who fought in World War II, and has been lost for nine years. Worst of all, Harry Tremble (Martin Landau) mistakes him for his lost son. While Peter struggles for memories, he helps his "father" reopen The Majestic, a movie theater that he once ran.

Harry Tremble dies just as Peter begins to regain memories of his "old life." The climax of this film is near the end when Appleton stands before Congress and declares his innocence regarding the Blacklist involvement. Instead of the expected outcome: being thrown in jail, Peter is seen as a hero by many.

2. Although this film portrays the theater, The Majestic, as being a magical place, it also portrays other mediums as being unstable, indecisive, and unreliable. Even though the newspapers and Hollywood production studios had no evidence of Peter being a Communist he was titled as one, and fired. In the beginning of this film different types of medium are seen to falsely accuse Appleton, but towards the end they label him a hero. It is evident that the mediums are willing to label someone something that they are not in order to...