Review and Reflection on the movie October Sky

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October Sky is the most heartwarming movie I've seen in a long time. I could not help applauding at the end. It was really nice and very entertaining. It was very touching in terms of family relationships and very inspiring in terms of science and fulfilling our dreams.

The point that I remember most about the movieOctober Sky is the relationship between Homer and his father. Watching the movie and seeing the bad relationship they had made me think about my own dad. We rarely have arguments and I seldom do things that displease him. I did not see my dad in the father I was watching on the TV screen. I was happy thinking that my dad had nothing in common with Homer's father. My dad isn't strict and he respects my decisions. My dad is happy if I'm happy. That's what counts and that is what's important.

Homer's father really wanted Homer to be a coal miner but Homer could not see any future in mining. He knew the industry was dying. He wanted bigger things for himself. I envy Homer is this aspect. At his age he already knew what he wanted to be and what he wanted to do. I'm a senior now and I still don't know what my plans are for the future. College is right around the corner but I don't know what course to take because I don't know what I want to become. My father is giving me the freedom to choose my profession. Any course I take will make him happy. I have applied for Management Economics in Ateneo and he seems very pleased. My mother has also shown her contentment. With Management Economics I can go on to follow in the family business of engineering or I...