A review of the 3 CD Opera Release of "Faust"

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-Overview- A review of Faust ( Opera ). Reviews each CD of the release briefly. circa 2001

-Class- Music Appreciation ( FRESHMAN )



~~~~~~~~ "Faust" An Opera Review ~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Disc 1 - Faust begins with a long drawn out note and then cuts off with a moment of silence. The works present a mood of unrest and uncertainty. The chorus on track 3 of the first disk provides a happy mood that contrasts the start of the opera. Disc one contains many arias and works that help to set the story of the opera. The end of the disc has an amazing aria by a female vocalist that leads into disc 2. The scales used are unusual, yet enticing. They seem to address "God" when they speak.

[Faust: "True, I am more clever than all the vain creatures, The Doctors and Masters, Writers and Preachers"........." No dog could live thus any more! So I have turned to magic lore"


These excerpts show the duality of man and what he perceives people's inner self to be.



Disc 2 - Disc 2 of Faust picks up where Disc 1 left off. Disc 2 contains a more ominous and morbid sounding tone that contrasts the themes that are presented in the opera. Disc 2 ends with a powerful work with a male vocalist singing and being responded to by a chorus. The male replies and then the cast fade out as an instrumental work provides the transition into disc 3.

[ Homunculus [in the phial, to WAGNER].

Well, Daddy! how are you? It was no jest.

Come, press me tenderly upon your breast,

But not too hard, for fear the glass might shatter.

That is the property of matter:

For what is natural the All has...