Retail Hassles An Illustrative essay about the hassles of working as a retail associate.

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Retail Hassles

You've had a tough day at work. Two customers threatened your life, fifteen demanded to speak to corporate to get you fired, three were escorted out by the police, and two hundred barked in your face like a drill sergeant. Your manager informed you that you wont be getting that long overdue raise. He told you you'd be fired at the end of the month, yet earlier that day he made a pass at you. Sound familiar? Well this is just a typical day if you work in retail. It really isn't worth all the hassle.

Of all the bull we have to take at a job in retail, about 80% of it is due to customers. Here are a few things that prove my point. By far the most inconsiderate thing customer's do is cough or sneeze on you without covering their mouth. Not only is this extremely rude, but I don't want to catch whatever ailment they may have.

Besides, I don't care to have snot and spit all over me. There is also the fact that your treated like you are stupid, and customers perceive you as "lower than them". "First of all, I am a human being with feelings. I am not perfect, and neither are you." Another thing that really bugs me are people who can't count. You all know whom I mean. It's the people who take a full cart of groceries through the express lane. We all know the express lanes are for one through ten items only. That means no less than one or no more than ten. If you have two things of cheese, sixteen bottles of baby food and a bag of potato chips, that is nineteen items, not three! Then there are the people who insist...