Who is responsible for WWII?

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Who is responsible for WWII

Asking who is responsible for the holocaust, is like asking who created technology or who thought up religion. It is an impossible question to answer without going in depth and looking at all sides of the event from its beginning to its end. There are four main groups of people that are responsible for the war. First there are the small things that didn't help put at stop or that helped led up to the holocaust: Organized groups of people like the SA and the SS; the leaders of the third reich like Goebbels, Goering, Himmler, and of course Hitler; and other countries that overtly complied or tactfully allowed Hitler to strive for his goal of world domination.

Alfred Rosenberg, or Houston Chamberlain ,writers of anti Semitic literature, aided to the war in conscious of unconscious ways. Everyone that fought against the Weimar republic and didn't make it work made it possible for Hitler to take power.

Hindenberg, though he died before the war started, shares some of the blame because he put Hitler in the perfect position to take over and assume all power. He also singed the Enabling act that allowed the freedoms of the people to be suppressed. The judge that sentenced Hitler after the Beer hall Putch is to blame had he given Hitler a longer and less easy sentence we might never have had Mein Kampf. Whatever caused the stock market to crash is to blame because without economic turmoil in Germany I think it would have turned out a lot different. Finally anyone who had to do with the Treaty of Versailles had a hand in Hitler's rise, creating an atmosphere of resentment and hostility that fueled Hitler's cause.

The SA, and SS played an obvious part in the...