This was in response to a creative writing assighnment which requested a mythological explanation for the sundial.

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Long, long ago there lived a content and unfortunately very lazy people known as the Woogis in a place known as Woogiland. They went about there daily lives working during the day and sleeping at night and they were happy. However over time they realized they had no way to schedule specific tasks during the daytime. All people could do was to tell someone to meet them at a certain place at some point in the day. That just wouldn't do for the Woogis; they decided they had to find a way to keep track of what would later be called time.

The Woogi high priests started out by praying to the great god Funkachunk for a way to keep time. However Funkachunk knew they were a very lazy people and felt he could never trust such an important gift with the people. Therefore he turned a deaf ear to the people's cries.

They then prayed to the lesser but still powerful god Munkachunk for guidance. He took pity on the people and told them what they must do. He said they must find the most diligent, honest, knowledgeable and wise man among them. However they had to do this in seven days to prove to the god Funkachunk their newfound work effect.

Therefore an issue was immediately sent out throughout all of Woogiland for all the outstanding young men of their race to report to the royal palace for a competition. They then tested each and every man with all manner of mental query. This ranged from all manner of riddles and puzzles as well as strict moral evaluation. When the tests were complete they discovered that despite all the exceptional men who had tried none was close to what the gods would expect. . They continued searching other...