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Taking the airline industry there are many major players in the sector. Airlines, which operate domestic, are the govt. owned Indian airlines, Jet Airways and Air Sahara.

In the last annual report, the ministry of civil aviation, as the main central agency responsible for the formulation of national policies and programmes for development and regulation of civil aviation, forecast an annual growth rate of the air travel market of about 8.5%

The potential for growth in the civil aviation sector is enormous and it can be seen from the fact that India has eight international airports and over 80 domestic airports, controlled by the airport authority of India.

The number of domestic and international passengers has increased from 5.1 million in 1970 to 45 million in 2003. Cargo has increased from 81000 tonnes to 683000 tonnes. By 2010,says analyst, domestic passengers would touch 75 million, while international passengers would account for 40 million and even that could be a conservative estimation.

Bangalore has emerged as the hub of Indians aerospace industry, at its core is the government owned Hindustan aeronautics limited (HAL). International competitors in the aviation industry being the air bus and boeing.


Geography has become history due to the advancement in technology. There are as of now 3 big players in the domestic segment. Indian airlines an exclusively domestic airline held by the government, jet airways and air Sahara.

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We found that the airline industry is a booming industry .Being an oligopoly and the investment...