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Character Traits of Rebekah

In the book, the Primrose Way, by Jackie French Koller, Rebekah Hall goes on a trip to Agawam. There, she is greeted by her father, and all the men, and her good friend Seth. In the end of the book, Rebekah makes a very wise decision. She is on the boat going home to England, when she stops the boat and gets off to be with her Native American friend. This shows what kind of person that Rebekah is. Some of the traits that this shows of Rebekah are courage ness, open mindedness and disobedient.

Rebekah shows signs of courageousness all throughout the book. One example is when she is going to Mary Coles's house to beg for coals when she hears an unknown sound and she bravely follows it. "I was about to knock on Mary Coles's door, assuming that she was already up with all the little ones, when I heard an eerie sound.

I stopped and turned the cove, and it came again, drifting in the mist. A thin ghostly warbling, unlike anything I had ever heard. It was earthly, yet unearthly, too, hauntingly beautiful. Though I was fearful, I found myself following it." (p.95). Another example of when Rebekah shows courageousness is when the men debating on weather they will help the Indians fight the Tyrrantines, John Walker said "I say, we stay out of it and let the bloody heartens kill each other. Fewer of them for us to worry about." (P. 177). Then Rebekah lost her temper and yelled at John Walker. She said, " Maconnomet sent Wushowunan here to save our lives! How dare you..." (Koller P. 178). Rebekah also shows that she is open-minded when her father tells her that she should do something with Qunnequwese's hair...