The reformation.

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There comes a time in everybody's life where they begin to wonder about the world. Babies often wonder what lies in behind the couch. Children grow to question why their parents make them go to bed at nine o-clock on a school night. Teenagers often question and dispute curfews imposed on them by their dictorial parents. Adults even question the authority of their higher ups sometimes, which unfortunately more often than not leads to early dismissal from a job. All of this questioning happens often now in the twenty first century, for we live in a free world, where we can pretty much do as we please and say what we want within our modern legal limits. This was not the way in the sixteenth century in Rome. Rome was basically headed by the Catholic Church, which was headed by the Pope. Nothing was ever questioned, or at least not in public or out in the open.

This was a time of intolerance and persecution for those who dared to act out or question their Catholic faith. Therefore nobody would speak out about the church or anybody connected to it. For it was much better to live in silence then to live in excommunication. Or at least it was until a man named Martin Luther came along and rewrote history by publicly questioning his religion by questioning the church.

Martin Luther was born on October 10th, 1483 in what is considered to be present day Germany. He began school at the age of five, and at the age of eighteen went to school to study to be a lawyer. Four years later, however, Luther decided that he would get in touch with his religious self. In 1506 he did just that by admitting himself into a monastery. He was on...