What was the real Loius Riel.

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Who was Louis Riel? People describe him in many different ways. He was called a saint, a sinner, a prophet, a madman, a traitor, and even a "father" of confederation. There are many reasons why there is such a wide range of views regarding this man. He is a saint because he gave the Métis the gift of knowledge about God. He is a sinner for killing Thomas Scott. He is a prophet because he spoke of the good in the Métis and the greatness of Canada. He was a madman because sometimes his mind wouldn't work as well as it should. He was admitted to a mental asylum twice for these types of behaviors. It is said, "At times, he thought he was specifically chosen to preform God's missions. At other times, he roared in the streets, convinced that he was a bull. His behavior wavered between the violent and the passive."

Riel was not always sane. It was like he wandered in and out of reality all the time. He was a traitor for leading a rebellion against his own government. He didn't follow any of the laws put into place by the government, he hated the British, and even murdered one of them. He could be considered a "father" of confederation for helping create the province of Manitoba.

I think Riel is a Canadian hero because he died helping save some of his fellow countrymen from living a terrible life. He took responsibility for a cause and fought for what he thought was right, that all the people of Canada should be equal. It could also be said that he saved the railway. After he surrendered himself to the R.C.M.P., the Federal Government paid a reward to the CPR which provided them with enough money...