Is Reading Time At Risk?

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By the year 2001 television and print newspapers will lose a large percentage of their readership to computer programming and television, according to Forrester Research. Television feels the damage of a shift to computer media as well:

Television loses 44 hours a year a viewing time to the internet

Newspapers lose 22 hours of viewing time

A 14% overall decline in the readership of magazines and newspapers

Seventy-eight of PC households shift time from TV watching to computer use, and back. Researchers find that these habits will directly threaten reading habits. Forrester's "PC time and money" study was aimed at understanding hose the proliferation and use of the home computer is changing behavior patterns of American families. Some of the questions were:

What activities are they (consumers) giving up to spend time on their computers?

What other media consumption habits change as a result of interactive computer activities at home?

Consumers are giving up leisure activities (reading, sports, etc..),

as well as sacrificing vacations to save money for personal computers.