Race and Intelligence - Are different races more intelligent than others?

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Race and Intelligence

In the article by Stephan Jay Gould, "Racist Arguments and IQ", he writes, "The racist arguments of the 19th century were based primarily on craniometry, the measurement of human skulls. Today these contentions stand totally discredited. What craniometry was to the 19th century, intelligence testing has been to the 20th." On average Whites score about 15 IQ points higher than Blacks on the IQ tests. These Intelligence Quotient tests were written by white culture and therefore blacks may have a cultural disadvantage when taking these tests. In the article by Dean Hamer and Peter Copland, "Inheriting Intelligence", it is Asians who score 3 points higher then Whites on the IQ test. Hamer and Copland write "Asian Americans on average place a greater value than other groups on education, scholastic diligence, and achievement. IQ is also correlated with socioeconomic status, which in the United States remains lower for those of African than of European descent."

So how much can we trust the relationship between IQ and race? We see Asians are culturally encouraged to do well in school. Does this mean they are the smartest Americans or that they are better at taking tests? Or is it the environment that has a drastic impact on how well we do in school? If all races had the same upbringing, the same economic means, parents who were involved with their children, would the children all test the same or at least would test scores be closer together? We don't know the answers to these questions and the current situation leaves Blacks and Latinos at a disadvantage. In "Inheriting Intelligence" there is a story about a boy named Nicky, briefly raised in foster care. When he was reunited with his family all five of his older brothers dropped out...