Psychological debate of Nature versus Nurture

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Nature vs. Nurture

Are we a product of nature or nurture? Does biology determine our destiny? How much does our environment affect us? These are some of the questions commonly asked throughout the course of understanding human developments. We are born with the same genetic code that determines how we grow, and how we function. But does genetics carry us on through our entire life and determine every decision we make, or are our decisions a product of the environment.

The nature and nurture dichotomy refers to the disposition of people based on their innate factors versus environmental influences on them. Innate factors include genetics or inborn temperaments, such as, whether if a person is an introvert or extrovert, their personality and characteristics. Nurture is the shaping of an individual through influences of their environment and what they are exposed to. Nature verses nurture has been the controversial dispute throughout history.

Some psychologist, such as John B. Watson, believes that infants are born with a mind at blank state, which needs to be written throughout their life.

Biology does have some effect on some parts of our lives. Our genes determine our dispositions and temperaments, such as our characteristics, likes, and dislikes. Studies have shown that timid babies have a high rate of motor activity while outgoing babies have low motor activities. These temperaments can affect us later in our lives. For example, a shy student might not like to raise his/her hand in class, and thus missing out some participation points. However, our temperaments determine what we would like to do, but it does not decide what we will do. If the same student is on the borderline of getting an A, he/she will raise their hand and snatch the point because of the outcome of getting a...