Pround to be an Australian.

Essay by oreilly May 2003

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Some people live along the coastline where they can see the waves as they crash against our shores, and where the blue sky meets the golden brown sand that you can feel between each toe. Some people live in the outback, where the soil is red and dusty, and the neighbors are far away. Some of these people have come from different nations but we all have the same dreams of freedom, riches and happiness. We live in Australia equal, fair and have the freedom to vote. We all work together to make Australia home and a place of peace and joy.

We have pride and we are proud to fly our Australian flag high in the air. We are often called the lucky country, and we are a sporting nation with people like Cathy Freeman and Ian Thorpe who have reperesented Australia in many sporting activies. Cathy Freeman who has shown that she is proud to be an Australian by wrapping the Australian flag around herself running with excitement when she win.

Many times you can see the green and gold swimming cap on Ian Thorp's head when he races. With many many Australians sharing the exceiement of these achievements. We join as one and celebrate these victories.

I am also proud to be an Australian but it's not all about the sun, surf and waves or the beautiful landscapes to me. Being Australian is the street where I live and play, where my neighbors say "G day," with a smile on their faces. Its the sound of the rain on the roof and my mother singing under the hot sun while pegging out the clothes. The smell of sausages sizzling on the B.B.Q and my day yelling "come on in...