Protect Yourself From Identity Theft.

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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

What would you do if someone was spending your hard earned money? What would you expect the police to do, or the credit bureaus, or the bank, or the credit card companies? The simple fact is that all these agencies will be little or no help. Identity theft is increasing at an alarming rate; in fact, it is at the top of the list of consumer complaints to the Federal Trade Commission with 23%, twice as many as any other category. . This essay will bring to your attention one aspect of identity theft, how to prevent the fraudulent use of credit card checks, as well as some of the frustrations you might face if this happens to you.

Nearly every employed adult in America has a credit card. A high percentage of credit card companies send out checks for the purpose of paying off other cards, or to use like cash.

The checks often arrive with your statements, and are sometimes sent separately. As the consumer, you do not know when they are sent. Unfortunately, some of the credit card companies do not know when they send them.

The criminals can get their hands on your checks in many ways. They can be stolen right out of your mailbox. They can be misappropriated by a postal employee. They can be shanghaied with other mail from a mail truck. There are probably a hundred other methods, but you get the picture, it is easy for the criminal to get his or her grubby hands on your financial documents. The most successful approach is a proactive one.

The most effective solution is to ensure the checks are not sent at all, and to this end I recommend you cancel your credit cards. If you have no...