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For over 100 years, Pepsi-Cola has produced some of the finest soft drink ads available anywhere in the world. From today's 'Joy of Pepsi,' as sung by Britney Spears, to yesterday's 'Nickel, Nickel' (1939), our ads are as memorable as the products we produce (" Pepsi-Cola's ability to create such attractive ads gives the company a competitive marketing edge amongst its toughest competition in the market. Pepsi's ads attract the attention of each age class, allowing younger adults to feel older and more established and older adults to feel young again and take pleasure in the "Joy of Pepsi." This paper will illustrate some of the dynamic advertising techniques used by Pepsi-Cola such as television, the Internet, radio, and publicity.

        Pepsi does an outstanding job advertising its cola products on television. Television ads have been such a hit for the company in the past, featuring such advertisements as 1993's "Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi," spotlighting NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal; 1997's "GeneratioNext" featuring the Spice Girls and rejuvenating the long-running generation theme; and 1999's "The Joy of Cola" featuring the voices of Marlon Brando, Issac Hayes, and Aretha Franklin (

Today, using celebrities such as the Osbornes and the Osmonds to advertise Pepsi Twist, this past Super Bowl was an original way to interact one of Hollywood's clean-cut singing groups with dark-minded heavy metal musician Ozzy Osborne, allowing viewers to understand the concept of Pepsi Twist. Pepsi even represents different cultures. This can be seen most recently with Latin American singing sensation Shakira and Destiny's Child lead singer Beyoncë Knowles. In Shakira's commercial, she advertises Pepsi while doing the tango with a grocery store salesman, allowing viewers to feel full of life, get up and dance, and even buy a Pepsi product. Beyoncë Knowles has recreated a past commercial hit...