Project Proposal for a new computer system at a bank...Customer Assist and how the company will improve.

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Project Proposal

Malone Savings and Loan Association is a family owned and operated financial establishment. We employ approximately 200 associates and service over 30,000 customers. In order to maintain a competitive edge with the larger financial institutions, the management has decided to implement a "Star" customer rewards program. This program will enable the associate and sales people to quickly identify customers whose financial status and responsibility may benefit from additional services provided by our company. This solution must be able to take current day information and past customer history and categorize each client into one of two major databases. The customer database will consist of those customers whose stability and economic structure allows them to qualify in the rewards program, available only to select customers, or to remain in the more restricted program due to habitual issues with their account. Account activity such as continued insufficient funds, lack of history, history of slow or no payments and single account customers would automatically disqualify the customer for a "star" candidacy through the Customer Assist program.

In an effort to incorporate a new systems solution program into our current database, a program must be implemented that will allow us to distinguish what clients will meet our pre-assigned criteria. As Malone Savings and Loans continue to strive to compete in the financial industry, the increased necessity for a business resolution that requires a systems solution is imperative. The Customer Assist software system has proven to be the most beneficial for our needs. The mechanism included in both the software and hardware provides the enhancements needed to modify the components to meet the specific needs of our company.

The main focus of this project is to implement software that can project customer interest. Lifestyles interest and needs are unique. That is why a competitive...