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Organizing an event like the Olympic Games represents both a great honor and a huge responsibility for a city. But with the eyes of the whole world cast upon us, it will also be an opportunity of showing everyone a new, positive side of Romania. In order to engage on such a path we must lay aside even the remotest trace of amateurism and do our side of the job by the book.

We must begin by clarifying why Timisoara is the most appropriate city in Romania for hosting the games. First of all, Timis County is the most economically developed in Romania, and its expending capacity by far overcomes that of any other region in our country. Secondly, its vicinity to the Occident and the fact that Timisoara disposes of an international airport will secure a simple access to competitors and spectators from all around the world. Finally, Timisoara is a city regarded as an example of multiculturalism.

Moreover, besides being reputed as tolerant and peaceful, its inhabitants have proven a vivid interest in the sporting phenomenon and manifested their support for organizing the event. Therefore the competition would benefit from a fair-play, but enthusiastic audience.


We will continue by briefly presenting the sporting facilities which are currently available in Timisoara and the sums of money which are yet to be invested.

a) Considering the size of the event and the number of people taking part, the Dan Paltinisanu Stadium would be most adequate as the main venue. It can host up to 50 000 spectators, and its football pitch and running track make it suitable for the athletics events and soccer competition. There would still be a cost of around 15.000.000 $ which should cover the replacement of the benches with plastic individual seats, installing VIP...