The Progressive Movement .

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Progressive Movement Essay

Between 1890 and 1919, a new era of reforms began. These reforms were put forth by people who called themselves Progressives. The progressives wanted to confront the problems brought on by America's industrialization. For example, Progressives wanted to improve poor working conditions, reform the corrupt systems of political machines, and regulate big business. This progressive movement was successful in carrying out reforms at the local, state, and national level.

The progressive movement of the early 1900s was successful in carrying out reforms in local governments. For instance, Progressives saw that political machines were corrupt and they desired to eliminate them from the cities. An example of this involves New York City's infamous Tammany Hall. Progressive reformers threw the bosses into jail and changed the way urban government functions. Progressives also worked to improve the terrible sanitation in America's cities. They made sure drinking water was safe and they tried to crack down on the cities' crime through laws against drinking, such as the Anti-Saloon League, which was a precursor to the Prohibition Amendment, and prostitution (Mann Act).

They also closed down Nickelodeon theaters because they believed that these movies were immoral and were teaching the wrong values to immigrants.

Progressives were also successful at reforming government at the state level. For example, Robert LaFollete, governor of Wisconsin, issued a number of reforms. He called for direct election of party leaders. States out west used a number of methods that allowed the people to be more involved with state government. For instance, these states allowed referendums where the people could decide on a bill. They also made use of the recall, which let voters remove a public official from office. These progressive ideas spread and were soon adopted by other governments.

The progressive movement was very successful at...